The stages and the Moral and Professional Cultural roots that have guided our Society from its origins.

TORRIANI GIANNI is a company of the Torriani family, specialized in the design and production of basic bearings.

By rediscovering the significant stages of our entrepreneurial activity, we believe it is important to highlight the cultural, moral and professional roots that have guided our company from its origins.

TORRIANI GIANNI was born in the 70s and immediately found space thanks to the far-sighted intuition of its founder.

In the following decades our company was able to deal with growing national and international competition.

Excellence in workmanship and materials, precision workmanship and after-sales service are characteristics that have always distinguished our company.

fondatore gianni torriani
Gianni Torriani - founder

Year of foundation of our company

On the initiative of Mr. Gianni Torriani, the company was founded, continuing the family tradition which had chosen mechanics as its sector of activity. The founder’s professional training was developed first in his father’s workshop, of a strictly artisanal nature, and then in the years of post-war Italian development, in an important nearby company where he acquired all the professional experience that allowed him, with courage , self-sacrifice and commitment to starting your own business reality.

sede commerciale torriani
Commercial Headquarters
1973 > 84

Growth in Agriculture and Construction

TORRIANI GIANNI, operating in Soncino, had found market space in the purely agricultural area of ​​the area. This sector, in the midst of developing mechanization, had been targeted with its product, finding due success for the innovative application. Another sector of focus was that of the manufacturers of tower cranes for construction applications.

sede produttiva
Production site
1984 > 88

International markets open up

With the entry into the company of the two sons, desired in the name of tradition, the cultural and professional contribution increased its potential and the distribution of targeted synergies on both the commercial and technical production activities led the company to begin distribution of the Product beyond the national scope, aiming mainly at the European market.


Business network development

The path of creating a widespread commercial network both in Europe and in other continents is vigorously pursued and the company’s reality slowly takes on its international character. A qualified network of distributors focuses and penetrates market segments. It takes more and more emphasis on the technological feature of the product.


Growth in Agriculture and Construction

Construction begins on the first section of the new production site in Via dell’Artigiananto in the Soncino industrial area.

Expansion of the new operational headquarters continues with the integration of two additional sheds and continuous technological upgrading of facilities.


First quality certification

The Company, always in search of evolution, launches the Quality Certification project according to the standards of the ISO 9002 standard, with the aim of growing to increasingly respond to the qualified needs of the market. Construction of the new commercial headquarters also began.


Growth in the new millennium

The 2000s opened with the move to new business premises, which was followed by the immediate acquisition of UNI EN ISO 9001-2000 certification. Quality increases thanks in part to a major investment that sees the replacement of all operating machines with CNC machines and a consequent increase in production facility space.

cuscinetti a sfere

An established reality in the markets

We are now a well-established business operating in domestic and international markets with professionalism, open to the changes and challenges of globalization and innovation in production and digitization of production and business processes.

people are the value we invest in to ensure the excellence of our products

Experience and professionalism are indispensable aspects in our production activities that have guided our choices for decades to meet all kinds of applications in construction and industry.

People and our employees are the value we focus on to ensure the excellence of our products while respecting the professional safety of each employee

Recognized certifications are a guarantee of production processes in compliance with rules to ensure people and product quality.

A few more numbers

Thousands of bearings produced

We produce thousands of bearings every year, which we export to 42 countries around the world. Hundreds of construction sites and companies every day operate excavators, aerial platforms, construction cranes, amusement parks, machine tools, and sewage treatment plants that depend on our work.

290,000 facilities rely on our products

290,000 plants work every day thanks to our products and technology. Their production, competitiveness and safety depend on the professionalism of our technicians and the excellence of our products.


Currently the production of the TORRIANI GIANNI company includes more than 1000 different types of bearings from a diameter of 200 mm to a diameter of 2000 mm. They are produced with balls, rollers and double rows of balls.

Production counts on thousands of bearings made every year, of which 85% are exported to 42 different countries. Over 290,000 excavators, aerial platforms, construction cranes, amusement parks, machine tools, purification plants are still working with TORRIANI GIANNI bearings.

Every day, around the world, over 160 people visit, talk, discuss and propose TORRIANI GIANNI bearings. Every day around 100 new machines are built using bearings from the TORRIANI GIANNI company.

Our sales agents located all over the world, more than 4000 satisfied customers of TORRIANI GIANNI product.